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The Plastics are the most popular girls in North Shore High School they are the main antagonists in both Mean Girls and Mean Girls 2. Their attitude can be quite dis-likeable; the main reason for their fame and power is the fact that they are all extremely beautiful, and the prettiest and most glamorous girls in the entire school.
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The Plastics at their lunch table

Mean GirlsEdit

Gretchen's father was made very rich after inventing the Toaster Strudel, and as a consequence of so much money, Gretchen became very spoiled. She is extremely beautiful, but she is quite insecure and she obeys Regina like she was her master.

And for last but not least, Karen Smith, she is a gorgeous young girl that is quite aloof. She is regarded as a bimbo, as her attitudes and sayings are quite dim-witted, to the point of being comedic. She also is said to be very promiscuous.

The three girls together are considered the most beautiful, glamorous and overall hottest girls in North Shore High School.


"Check it out. Junior Plastics"

Cady Heron is initiated into the Plastics, then working under a scheme with Janis Ian, takes down North Shore's queen bee; Regina George. Cady becomes shiny hard plastic then betrays her real friends.

The Plastics break-up upon the reveal of the Burn Book. Damian Leigh, before the school year is out, identifies a group of girls as "Junior Plastics". Much like their predecessors they too were nearly hit by a bus in the front of the school.

Mean Girls 2 Edit


Quinn in the back is not a Plastic at the time, but would become one.

North Shore High School is still home to a clique called "The Plastics". Comprised of the self-proclaimed leader Mandi Weatherly; the slutty fun airhead, Chastity Meyer and the germaphobe Hope PlotkinQuinn Shinn blackmails her way into joining then leading the Plasics. The Plastics lose a game of Powderpuff Football at the end of the film. Mandi ends up with community service.

Mean Girls: Return of the Plastics Edit

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The New Plastics as they appear in Mean Girls: Return of the Plastics

A new group of Plastics show up at the start of the game's events. They have plans of piecing together the Spring Fling Tiara Cady broke from the first movie and become the queen bees of North Shore. There's 11 types of Plastics the player may encounter during the game in determined difficulties, each varying from speed and strength.

Trivia Edit

  • The Plastics never refer to themselves as "The Plastics" in the first movie. It was a nickname Janis coined for them.

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