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Ms. Norbury

Ms. Sharon Norbury is portrayed by actress Tina Fey. Ms. Norbury is the 12th grade calculus teacher at North Shore High School. She is the coach of the North Shore Mathletes. Sharon bartends a couple of nights a week down at TJ Calamity's in the Old Orchard Mall. Her first encounter with Cady Heron, began on Cady's first day when she bumped into Sharon and spilled her coffee all over her shirt. At that moment was when Mr Duvall walked into the class to see if she was ok and her shirt got stuck to her sweater revealling her bra to everyone including the principal! She has recently gotten a divorce with her ex-husband whose name is never said. Principal Ron Duvall, seems to have a crush on her; by the way she smiles at him when they dance together at the Spring Fling its possible she feels the same way. Prior to that the only guy that ever called her house was Randy, from Chase Visa.

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Ms norbury 2

Ms Sharon Norbury is a "successful, intelligent caring graceful young woman" according to Duvall and explains to the girls that putting someone down won't make you happier, and calling each other sluts and whores just makes it okay for guys to call you sluts and whores. Unfortunately Ms Norbury doesn't appear in Mean Girls 2. It is possible she has left to work at a new school because she is married to Mr Duvall because in Mean Girls 2 Mr Duvall is seen with a wedding ring on his finger.

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