Principal Duvall with his good hand holding the burn book in front if his DePaul University diplomas.

Principal Ron Duvall is portrayed by Tim Meadows. Mr. Duvall is the only character in both Mean Girls and Mean Girls 2. Duvall is Principal atNorth Shore High School in Evanston, IL.

He is a graduate of DePaul University surprisingly he hangs a Northwestern University pennant in his office as well. He has Carpal tunnel syndrome. By the time of the second film there are T.V. screens installed throughout the school, which play Mr. Duvall's announcements.

Personal Life

Ms norbury and mr duvall1

Principal Duvall and Mrs. Norbury

At the end of the first film, he dances with Ms. Sharon Norbury at the Spring Fling. It seems like the two are pairing up romantically. Ms. Norbury doesn't appear in the sequel and there is no further information on their love life.