I'm not like a regular mom, I'm a cool mom.

Mrs. George
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Appeared in Mean Girls
Age Unknown
Portrayed by Amy Poehler
Mrs. George is a character in the movie Mean Girls. She is portrayed by Amy Poehler.

Mrs. George is the wife of much older Mr. George and the mother of Regina and Kylie.

She describes herself as a 'cool mom' and often acts like a teenager - letting minors drink in the house, provocatively dancing in public and she even offered Regina condoms after she brought Shane Oman at her house.

Mean GirlsEdit

She makes her first appearance in the George family mansion, after the Plastics, along with Cady, were coming back from school.

As soon as they got out of the car, Gretchen stated that Mrs. George recently got a boob job, resulting in them being as hard as rocks. Her dog also freely chewed on her nipples, which creeped Cady and the others out. 

Before the Halloween Party back in Regina's room, she is shown taking pictures or a video of Regina in her costume, laughing. 

During the Winter Talent Show, Mrs. George recorded the girls as they were performing 'Jingle Bell Rock', repeating the moves herself. 

Just a few moments before Regina was hit by a bus, Mrs. George can be seen talking on her phone in the background. 

Physical Appearance Edit

Mrs. George has a very slim toned body build, appears to be around average height and is shown to be quite pretty. She also shares most of her physical traits with her daughter Regina, having gorgeous blonde hair, light blue eyes and fair skin.

In terms of style, she wears clothing that would usually only be considered stylish for younger generation.

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