M. Kratzer
M. Kratzer
Appeared in Mean Girls
Age 16 (presumably)
Occupation Student at Marymount Prep.
Portrayed by David Sazant
M. Kratzer, or Marymount Captain, as named is this script, is a minor character in the movie Mean Girls. He is portrayed by David Sazant.

Kratzer is a student at Marymount Prep and the captain of their math team. During the competition, he's officially credited as the Marymount Captain.

Mean Girls Edit

The team of five students from the Marymount Prep went up against the North Shore High School's Mathletes in a math competition. Even though his team answered a few questions correctly, they ultimately lost to the Mathletes in a tie-breaking question when Cady Heron surprisingly gave a correct answer and won the quiz.

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