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"Check it out. Junior Plastics"

Junior Plastics are three brief characters from Mean Girls. They are portrayed by Megan Millington, Tara Shelley, and Shannon Todd.

The Junior Plastics attended North Shore High School. Damian Leigh, in his Senior year at the end of the movie, saw these three pretty and stylish girls walking together snobbishly. He dubbed them Junior Plastics, not in reference to the grade as they were actually Freshman. Before the movie ends, they too nearly get hit by a speeding bus in front of North Shore, but the movie does show them getting hit as part of Cady's imagination. These girls were only seen once at the end of the movie, and not for very long after that.

The girl on the left is Tara. She is Gretchen's younger counterpart. She is athletic and looks quite judgy of Damian and the rest of the actual human beings clique. Sheis also courageous and confident in her own body and wouldn't change herself for anyone else. She has an athletic figure she enjoys sports and physical activitiy. She is also extremely competitive and will have a negative reaction to losing. Her heavenly virtue is diligence. 

The girl in the middle is Sara. She is Regina's younger counterpart. She is the dominant diva of this group and is very malicious towards her friends but she is occasionally nice. She is very pretty and has never been involved in anything sexual she is asexual and is disgusted by anything sexual. Her heavenly virtue is chastity.  

The girl at the end is Paula. She is Karen's younger counterpart. She is very jealous of Sara, the dominant diva. She is the dumb blonde of the group, and would do anything for a boyfriend but she is cute and quirky. She also has a very bubbly and youthful personality. Her heavenly virtue is temperance. She is thoughtful and puts others before herself and makes sure not to offend anyone.

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