They've gone wild.. the girls have gone wild!

MeanGirls 199Pyxurz
Appeared in Mean Girls
Age Unknown
Occupation Secretary
Portrayed by Sharron Matthews
Joan the Secretary is a character in Mean Girls. She is portrayed by Sharron Matthews.

She works at North Shore High School, as the school's secretary. She is also a loyal friend of Ron Duvall.

Mean Girls

While her character doesn't actually have an important role in the movie, her most memorable quote "They've gone wild, the girls have gone wild!" was extremely popular with movie's fanbase, making her one of the fan-favorite characters.

She's also shown to be quite shy in some situations, feeling ashamed to raise a hand when Ron Duvall asked everyone who's been bullied to stand up. Joan is later seen reading the nominees for Spring Fling King and Queen towards the end of the movie.

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