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Laura, I don't hate you 'cause you're fat. You're fat because I hate you.

Jessica Lopez
Appeared in Mean Girls
Age 16 (presumably)
Occupation High School Student
Portrayed by Olympia Lukis
Jessica Lopez is a character in Mean Girls. She is portrayed by Olympia Lukis.

Jessica is a student at North Shore High School. She was one of the Desperate Wannabes until the break-up of The Plastics, and later became a part of the Actual Human Being clique.

The reason why she's in a wheelchair hasn't been revealed. She appears to be a good friend of the 'Shortest Girl', as they are almost always seen together. The two later got into a fight over the pages of Burn Book, but soon-after they are seen together once again, so they presumably recovered their friendship.

Mean Girls Edit

Wannabes bleachers

Jessica Lopez holding the page of the burn book written about her.

Laura doesn't play a major part in the movie's plot. She makes her first appearance She hates a fat Laura, which is seen in a scene where Jessica publicly said that she 'Doesn't hate her cause she's fat, she's fat because I hate her'.

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