You smell like a baby prostitute.

Janis Ian
Janis Ian
Appeared in Mean Girls
Titles Dyke (by Regina)
Age 16 (presumably)
Occupation High School Student
Portrayed by Lizzy Caplan
Janis Ian is one of the main characters in Mean Girls. She is portrayed by Lizzy Caplan.

Janis is the very first person Cady Heron meets after becoming a student at North Shore High School. Early in the movie, we find out that she doesn't really have a good reputation in school and that other students constantly make jokes regarding her appearance.

She's also a close friend of Damian Leigh and the two have a pretty weird and funny relationship which can be seen in many memorable scenes throughout the movie. Janis claims that Damian is 'too gay to function' and it's only okay when she says it.

Early Life Edit

Some of what is known about Janis' past is that, she is of Lebanese heritage, she had a rough childhood, she was severely bullied for her weird sense of style, she was Regina George's best friend all the way through the eighth grade, and Regina started spreading rumors that Janis was a lesbian.

Mean Girls Edit

Physical Appearance Edit

Janis has pale skin, which along with her black hair color and overall dark makeup, makes her look like a goth. Regina stated that Janis cut all of her hair during the eighth grade and ever since, people started to make fun of her - calling her a 'drug addict' or saying that she has a 'cool wig'.

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