Softball team

Kristen Hadley, jock girl, and Dawn Scweitzer discuss their softball issues. Emma Gerber looks on.

Dawn Schweitzer is a character in Mean Girls. She is portrayed by Erin Thompson.

She is a junior at North Shore High School. She is a pitcher on the softball team for North Shore. Dawn and other members of the softball team feel that Jock Girl had been acting stuck up since she switched to short-fielder. Dawn is also on the lacrosse team at North Shore.

Burn Book


Dawn Scweitzer's ass, which according to the Burn Book is fat

Dawn was also a victim of the Plastics, as there are two facts written about her in the Burn Book:
  • Dawn Schweitzer is a fat virgin.
  • Dawn Schweitzer has a huge ass.

However, Dawn hasn't showed to care that much about what's been written about her, and was one of the few who didn't make a scene about the whole Burn Book issue.

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