D. Alexander
D. Alexander
Appeared in Mean Girls
Age 16 (presumably)
Occupation Student at Marymount Prep
Portrayed by Unknown
D. Alexander is a character in the movie Mean Girls. He is uncredited. However, a Reddit user (baboonsimbibingbears) claims to have played him, although there's no actual confirmation to it.

Alexander is a student at Marymount Prep and competes on their math team. Along with his teammates, he went up against the North Shore High School's Mathletes in a math competition.

Mean Girls Edit

Alexander and his teammates, Caroline Krafft, P. Pell, M. Kratzer and J. Anderson were teamed up against the Mathletes in a math quiz. Even though their team answered most of the questions correctly, they ultimately lost the quiz when Cady Heron gave a correct answer to a tie-breaking question.

Physical Appearance Edit

Alexander is a clean-shaven redhead with sturdy, round glasses and an aquiline nose. He's seen wearing the classic Marymount Prep student uniform and looks quite dorky, much like his other teammates.

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