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Cady Heron
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Cady Heron
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Student at Northshore High School
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I know it may look like I was being like a bitch, but that's only because I was acting like a bitch.
Cady Heron is the main character in Mean Girls. She is a student at North Shore High School who moved to Evanston after living her first 16 years in Africa. She is initiated into the Plastics, then takes down North Shore's queen bee; Regina George.

Early Life Edit

She grew up in Africa so she loved all the animals. A picture is shown by Aaron Samuels when Cady was a little girl on a elephant. Cady's first love was Nfume, back in Africa. But he ended up not liking her back.

High SchoolEdit

Cady begins just going to school as an outcast. Then befriending Janis Ian and Damian she hangs out with The Plastics to ruin them. Being sucked into their world, she does become the new Queen Bee.
Mean girls image30
Ms. Norbury confronting Cady about her Burn Book.
She wins Spring Fling Queen and elects to break and share the plastic crown. After this redemption she becomes what whe calls an Actual Human Being. She is a very pretty girl who began dating the handsome Aaron Samuels at the end of the film
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