I'm new. I just moved here from Africa.

Cady Heron is a main character and the protagonist in Mean Girls. She is portrayed by Lindsay Lohan in her teens and as a child by Jessie Wright.

Cady is a student at North Shore High School who moved to Evanston after living her last 12 years in Africa. Her parents are Chip and Betsy Heron, who are research zoologists. She initiates the Plastics early in the movie, due to a plan to ruin Regina George's life.

Early life

Cady grew up in Africa, with her mother home-schooling her. She loved animals and nature. A picture is seen by Aaron Samuels of Cady when she was a little girl on an elephant. Cady's first love was Nfume, but he ended up not liking her back. She claims to have had a lot of friends back in Africa, which is not the case in Evanston.

Mean Girls


Cady with the girls at lunch

During Cady's first day of school, she ended up eating alone in the bathroom stalls because she hadn't made any friends. Damian Leigh and Janis Ian befriend her the next day, and try to teach her how to get by in high school (including giving her a Map to North Shore High School). At lunch, Jason tries to scam on her and Regina George came to her aid. This begins her friendship with The Plastics. Janis wants to use this friendship for revenge on Regina, but Cady thinks Regina seems nice and doesn't want to do anything bad to her.
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Ms. Norbury confronting Cady about her Burn Book.

At Chris Eisel's Halloween Party Regina takes back her ex-boyfriend, the love interest of Cady, Aaron Samuels. The two kissed at the party, which was initiated by Regina, where Cady can see. Cady then agrees to ruin Regina's life.

During her time with the Plastics, she wrote lie in the Burn Book about Ms. Norbury, calling her a "drug pusher" because she failed her on one of the tests. Cady gives Regina nutrition bars that cause her to gain weight, cause friction between her and Gretchen, and tells Aaron that Regina is cheating on him. Eventually, these cause Regina to lose her status as queen bee and is replaced by Cady. Gretchen Wieners and Karen Smith pry Cady into having a small get-together.

Cady tried to seduce Aaron at the get-together, which has now become a full scale house party. She tells him that she pretended to be bad at math in order to get closer to him, to which Aaron becomes confused. Cady tries to explain herself but does it extremely poorly, offending him and causing him to call her a clone of Regina. Regina walks in as Cady vomits on him, which causes her to storm out and eat a Kälteen Bars (that Shane Oman explains are calorie-dense and will cause her to gain weight). At this point Regina knew Cady was sabotaging her and decided to take-down the remaining Plastics by publicizing the Burn Book.

After chaos erupts in the school because of the Burn Book, Cady takes full responsibility for writing it. She apologizes to Mrs. Norbury, who forgives her but hints that she knows others were involved. After talking with her parents, Cady decides to suck the poison out of her life, starting with Regina. She goes to a math competition, and when she is chosen to compete against Caroline Krafft, she realizes, calling someone fat won't make you any skinnier, calling them ugly won't make you prettier, and calling someone stupid won't make you smarter. That one of the themes of the story. After the math competition, Cady arrives just in time to win Spring Fling Queen and elects to break and share the plastic crown, with everyone including Regina.

After that redemption she becomes what she calls an Actual Human Being. By the start of her senior year she is dating Aaron Samuels. Aaron was now attending Northwestern University, and they see each other on weekends.

Physical Appearance

Cady is a gorgeous young teenage girl, standing somewhere around 5'4 and 5'5. Her most notable feature has to be her bright red hair. Along with that, Cady has a rather pale skin complexion, green eyes and even some freckles on her cheeks.


I know it may look like I was being like a bitch, but that's only because I was acting like a bitch.
Calling somebody else fat won't make you any skinnier. Calling someone stupid doesn't make you any smarter. And ruining Regina George's life definitely didn't make me any happier. All you can do in life is try to solve the problem in front of you.
It's Cady.
You're not stupid, Karen.
It's October 3rd.
Yeah, I like math. And food
I don't know, I mean, she's so weird, she just, you know, came up to me and started talking to me about crack.

—Cady talking to Regina George about Janis Ian



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