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Burn Book

Burn Book

The Burn Book is a book created by Regina George and The Plastics to start rumors, stories, and gossip about all the girls who go to North Shore High School. Most of the members in The Plastics contributed to creating this book. The only girls who were not mentioned were CadyGretchen, and [[Karen people dobwant it to stopbsays

|Karen]] because they wrote it. After Regina found out the truth about the Kalteen Bars, she added herself to the book as a fugly slut to help prove she didn't write it.

Regina took the Burn Book into Mr. Duvall's office, saying she found it in the girls bathroom. She then left tere to distribute photocopied pages of the Burn Book. When the whole school learned about this it sparked huge controversy to the girls of the school and even the teachers. This controversy ended when Cady took the blame for writing it. 

Known CaptionsEdit

  1. Trang Pak: is a grotsky little byotch. Made out with Coach Carr.
  2. Bethany Byrd has an amazing ability to supress her gag reflex. Uses Super Jumbo Tampons... slut.
  3. Muckleroy takes medication f[Name off camera, but ending with "gson"] Didn't shower for a month ... during SUMMER. and to this day still hasn't washed her hair.
  4. Something to the effect that reveals Sun Jin Dinh also made out with Coach Carr.
  5. Dawn Schweitzer: is a fat virgin, has a huge ass..
  6. Amber D'Alessio: made out with a hot dog.
  7. Janis Ian, dyke.
  8. Damian Leigh, too gay to function.
  9. Kaitlyn Caussin is a fat whore.who no one likes
  10. Something was written about Bethany Byrd lying about being a virgin because she uses super jumbo tampons.
    Photo 11 hires

    Cady Heron making up a lie about Ms. Norbury and adding it to the Burn Book.

  11. Sharon Norbury: Ms. Norbury is a Pusher A SAD OLD DRUG PUSHER
  12. Regina George: This girl is the nastiest skank bitch I've ever met. Do not trust her. She is a fugly slut!

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